Hi Folks!

SUB-TV: there are no live-acts, you may see at home on your television, but at most videos, animations, films and documentations, which may be verry actually.

SUB-TV also shows things and places, which are unique, but no one knows and they would stay unused.

SUB-TV will offering film-material about the the theme "underground" in any way, you would find rarely on your tv.
At the same time it get archived by interesting people in many places.

The origin of SUB-TV is Vienna, but expansion would be no problem. We simply decided to do the start...

We would be glad about suggestions, ideas, new films and documentations and any cross-border contacts.
For this we also do it in english.

The History:
Since 1998 there happened a lot of things and events, which had been verry succesfull and lasting till this day,
but they failed after some years cause professional jealousy and barriers by the municipality.
Neither excited press nor global broadcast even on CNN could change that.
(links in german: Nostalgic Review, press in english: Press-Echo, Bagpipes_scare_off_sewer_rats,
the article from "Times", 2010 May 29th, "Pied bagpiper leads Third Man sewer tours under streets of Vienna" get lost- sorry)

For this now we try to break new ground:
We hope, good ideas should get admission by the social networks to inspirit general rethinking...

Our Desire:
To show places, things and facts, which should get a better and advisable application as is usually the case.

How we want to do that:
With the aid of assistants, which are not exist in our real world, and which do their own ironic observation.
And they find humorously treatments even for truth.
Cause the message is to read between the lines...

We quash online-advertising, for this we base upon offering.

Gift certificates and offer as shown on the homepage soon.

By the underground-oracle: If you have any questions to Captain Flint and would combine with a donation,
you would get the answer by a YouTube-Video, personally spoken by Flint hisself.
You could send it to other people and also it would been shown in the archive of sub-tv, if you would allow it.

With an anually fee as member, you would get specially documentations and films from the underground-archive,
which are rarely seen on tv.

The Aim (in Vienna):

Acceptance of the Vienna-river-tunnel as an unique areal in whole europe
and not only affording cultural usage but support them.
(look also [only in german]: Unterwelt-Petition)

As like degreed engineer Ladinig of the municipality department 45 did several years.
(look also [only in german]: Wienfluß)

To encourage also small clubs and groups, to join this way of "humorously critique"
to make things noticeable.

Thank you for interesting,
Peter from the Underworld
(Vienna, 2014 August)

(Peter Ryborz, chairman, underground-club-vienna
Webseite: www.unterwelt.at)