Frequentl Questions:

Is there a god?
May I make a prize by lotto?
How old I´m getting?
How many members you are in the club?
How many rats there are in Vienna?
In Vienna will be happen again an underground-meeting?
How should I join to the mailing list?
Captain Joe Flint´s Unterground-Oracle
Flint´s answers:

(more inputs you may find in the archive down)
Offerings & Questions:
Captain Flint now is supporting the underground-club-vienna,
by practicing his own oracle and collecting donations.
For Captain Flint wants to remake all the crimes he did in his formerly life.
Flint tries to answer all the questions. Depending on query, difficulty and contribution everyone gets his answer as soon as possible.
You also may order your answer by YouTube, if You want to transfer it.
It also would be shown in the archives on this side, if not unrequested.
All the donations will be used by updating SUB-TV and the homepage and to point to the treasures,
which are existing under the city and to make them usable at the right time.
Supporter are offerings, fans and subcriber in our petition.
SUB-TV will tell about success and news.
Underground-bounty € 1,- bis 20,-
Short and small questions,
reply within a week.
Underground-bounty € 20,- bis 30,-
Thank as donator (by name)
entrance to all the documentations,
honary member for 1 year.
Underground-bounty € 50,- bis 100,-
Special underground-present,
carried by post,
honary member for 3 years.
Underground-bounty more than € 100,-
quarters in CreativBuro Vienna
by according,

To do a question
To combinate a question with a donation,
please first input the text, before doing the rest.

The answer is shown in the archive at our side
or will be send as YouTube-file to you.
At any rate You would be informed by a mail.
Archive: YouTube:

Dates of our Club:
name: "Verein zur Pflege der Unterwelten"
index card: R-Zahl IV-SD-2227/VVM/99
adress: CreativBüro, Laudong.20, A-1080 Wien
bank-contact: UniCredit Bank Austria AG
"Verein zur Pflege der Unterwelten", account number: 52730460601,
IBAN: AT21 1200 0527 3046 0601, BIC: BKAUATW